Wednesday, February 17, 2010

post v day pretty

i just wanted to share a few pics of pretty things since they happen to be red, and taken on valentines day.

pooch special k made the cupcakes

the delicious beverage is an italian strawberry liqueur, called fragoli with handpicked wild strawberries
check this site for some cocktail recipes

these next few photos are the gifts that daughter pooch lucy and her dude J brought back from vietnam for me.  above is a little vietnamese coffee maker.  first you put sweetened condensed milk in the glass, then put the coffee in the little thing and pour boiling water in and let it drip thru.... then stir.    its  strong,  sweet and called vietnamese white coffee.

they had this made for me at a silversmith in hanoi.  it is a gratitude symbol.  check out the site for a very cool link to a 2 minute video ( for the symbol not the silversmith :) )

my wallet is also from hanoi

the silk scarf is from lucys bf J and he says its from Lao.
these are multi-layered icicles outside my back window

i think this is #4....

i love

all for now ~pooch morning glory


  1. Hi Pooch
    What lovely things your daughter brought back for you!! I have quite a few Vietnamese friends, but am yet to try the coffee.. I've heard they like their condensed milk... Well I will take the fragoli anytime... strawberries that is .. not the alcohol.. haha!!!

    Lovely pink and red things to celebrate V day!!! Hope it was sweet to you!! xx Julie

  2. Oh pooch do make me a cup of white Vietnamese coffee it sound so yummy and I would like a bowl of those special strawberries to go with it. Hope your Valentines was as lovely as it seems to have been, I was working madly the whole day, making lots of money in a taxi but not with my Husband dear.I think he forgot what day it was. We shall celebrate the next Sat. as it is my birthday

  3. You lucky girl! The things your daughter brought back are wonderful and so special.
    I´m sure the coffee tastes great! Not even going to mention the cupcakes....Yummie...

    Wish you a great day!


  4. Well decorated and beautiful. This is certainly special.

  5. Oh your photographs are wonderful. I love it all.....the cupcakes, the coffee, oh the coffee sounds so good, the silver...everything.
    ... and those icicles are something else. Must be pretty cold there !!
    It's really funny as, I did a red post and, since then, many blogs that I've been to, are doing red posts. There must be something in the air !! XXXX

  6. I've only ever had two hangovers, and one of them was from that fragoli. You must be hardier than I am. Nice cupcakes!

  7. The pendant is beautiful and this post is absolutely yummy! Thanks for the mention and for LIVING the energy of Gratitude!


    Stacey Robyn

  8. Now I envy Lucy and J as I have never visited Vietnam and still is on top of my list! :-)

  9. thanks for your lovely comment on 'lady noir'
    hope you have a fun filled weekend .

  10. Its all beautiful
    and the cup cakes looks very yummie.......

    Have a wonderful weekend

    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :-)

  11. OMG I could do with that is boiling hot here...and some of those icicles too!!! What great gifts you have received...Love them all...Dzintra♥x

  12. Que romántico y cuanto te quiere tu famiia. Aunque no me estraña cooperación lo buena que debes ser.
    Un abrazo


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