Tuesday, December 8, 2009

help the homeless / sals alley

not too long ago, i posted about a local pub called the black dog.   turns out, this kick-ass little gem in bayfield ontario is quite a versatile venue.   http://www.blackdogpubbistro.ca/

my pooch daughter, ( in the red sweater ) and some friends decided to host a charity event to help the homeless people in some local communities.  the black dog owners generously offered their pub as the venue..  heres a list of the organizations that will be donated to.

the antique doll was in the silent auction.  sometimes old dolls are really beautiful, and sometimes they just creep me out.  the bubble bath is cute tho.   the framed pics are all.... ya, black dogs.  o and the first shot at the top is actually the owners dog.  i forget his name.  the chalkboard in the background shows their very extensive liquor, beer and scotch list.   impressive!!

the band also donated their time and provided the entertainment for the evening.   they are called sals alley.
 they are a great band.... really fun!

and...... the final result !!
LOADS of warm clothing, hats , mitts, scarves, coats, and toiletries for people in need this season.

thank you everyone , who donated and helped !

.....especially, pooch daughter lucy and pooch friend k
good work girls !!!


  1. This is such a nice place and you all gathered for such a good cause..

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  3. Wonderful initiative! It's so sad (and unbelievable) there still are homeless people in our cities!... You've done a nice coverage of the event!

  4. Thank you, my friend!!! For always writing a sweet comment to me! It really means the world.

    So, are you in a christmas mood, yet? I am, kind of... Still have a lot to do, hoping to finish everything this weekend. Not much of a choice , really, since christmas eve is pretty near now...=)

    Wish you a really nice weekend!


  5. Looks like a fantastic place for relaxed outing.

  6. Nice to see your beautiful daughter Laura !!
    Lovely post :-)

    Have a great weekend !!

  7. Very kind poochy thing to do, lots of homeless ones will be warmed by their efforts. We don't have many homeless around here ... as far as I know, though many live on their small boats in the harbour.

  8. You, my dear, are a very good person!


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