Thursday, December 17, 2009

christkindl market, kitchener ontario 2

there was so much to see at this wonderful market, that i had to do 2 posts to fit it all in.  the first  photo is after i got the pig home,  the second one is outside again at the meat vendor.

this is a salami pig.  we call it summer sausage.  i have no idea how they got the meat into that pig-shaped cloth bag but he was so cute.  i bought him for my son... he likes the summer sausage.  the 3 little plastic pigs around him are just these little guys i keep on top of my espresso maker ( yes, its a bit odd but i like them )

plus, pooch german girl m says that pigs in germany symbolize luck!  there we are holding different shaped salamis.

back inside we saw some beautiful linens


more pretty stuff

is this christkindl ?

mango tarts.... these were awesome !!


more delicious things...

a few more poochy things....

then back outside where the mulled wine was awaiting..... of course, in canada we have to be gated in wherever there is alcohol involved. .  you never know what people will do with a styrofoam cup these days !!

gluhwein - german mulled wine.  here is a link to a post from hungarian girl about this.  ( there are supposed to be 2 dots over the u but i dont know how to do that on my keyboard )

i would have preferred to linger quite a bit longer here in the mulled wine area ..... with mise if she were it was quite a chilly night and the wine was so warm....
but we had a drive ahead of us.  maybe next time.

cheers !
all for now ~ pooch morning glory


  1. Hi Laura
    That little gold xmas tree is kind of sweet!!!
    Looks like you had a great time at the markets... good food .. good wine and good friends... Have fun this weekend too xx Julie

    I think we need a birthday post from you!! I hope your day was wonderful..

  2. Laura -- Love seeing a Christmas market feature from Canada! Wow, looks pretty European indeed. And most importantly: Sounds like fun. Just went to our own market last night for a cup of spiced wine that was surprisingly one of the best I've ever had there -- not always a given at these markets.
    And the weather's finally become cold enough to match the Xmas market atmosphere.
    Have a great weekend!
    PS: Thanks for your comment the other day. ("Multi-layered deliciousness" -- now if that isn't praise for a scent, what is? Did you mean any particular scent? "The One" or "Light Blue"?)

  3. Looks like a fun and festive night! Wish we had something like that here in ol' rainy Vancouver!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Oh, christmas markets are really something, aren´t they?
    I love everything about them...

    i´m wrapping presents ,today. Belive it´s the funniest part...

    Wish you a wonderful weekend.

  5. Beautiful x'mas decorations and preparations.

    Wish you happy x'mas.

  6. Hola Laura, son maravillosos los mercados. No sabia que existe la constumbre de beber vino caliente en Canadá

  7. Hi Laura...I love these markets...the salami, gorgeous linen and wow those European looking pastries...and all washed down with Gluhwein...can't get much better than that...Have one for me!!!


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