Monday, January 24, 2011

toronto in december

 i went back to ontario to spend the holidays with my family.
my flight there was cancelled due to a fuel leak on the plane.
so i arrived in toronto the next day.  i went with pooch lucys (oldest daughters ) boyfriend to see black swan.
 walking through the manulife center, we took some pics of the sparkly decorations
 black swan was amazing btw

thats him taking the pic and me to the left of him

 oops, this one was supposed to be turned

the next 2 are buildings i liked along the way

pretty sure this was on the side of the liquor store

this one was on the subway

and this, maybe the best graffiti i have ever seen!


all for now

~ pooch out xx

Monday, January 3, 2011

new years lobster

 pooch special k found this website with instructions for what to do if you are a woman and ringing in the new year alone
 ( i assumed by choice )

 so i go in to charlottetown and buy a new years lobster for my dinner

i got him already cooked but fresh.
im just not ready for the whole "live steaming" thing yet

i bought myself one red rose and i already had a bottle of cheap bubbly.   good enough to ring in the new year and say good bye to a shitty one

these are the necessary tools to crack the dinner, but keep in mind that i have never done this before.
when i first arrived on the island i went to 2 lobster suppers but they are conveniently already cut
ready to dig in

to preserve the lobsters dignity, i did not photograph the carnage that ensued, but suffice to say he got the best of me
to preserve MY dignity, i vowed to conquer this in the morning with less bubbly in my blood.... which i did, with renewed vigour
and retained my newly acquired title of "islander"

so k and i decided to skype.  
the wierd part is that its a photo of my computer screen looking at her christmas tree and television with my skype box in the upper right corner
you can only see both of our boobs but im taking the pics

i dont have any channels so we watched her tv
the above pic shows the labrador and atlantic time zone ringing in the new year

you can see our choices for which channel to watch.  we saw some of new york city, 
some of niagara falls and some atlantic canada

next we rang in the new year in her time zone an hour later

and this was the most important part

"As some nationalities have practiced over the years, make sure you have these 3 items in your possession when the clock strikes midnight: 1) money in your pocket so you will have a year full of prosperity; 2) food on your table so you will have a bountiful year and 3) a red rose in your hand so you will have a year full of love!"

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~ may all your hopes and dreams come true ~

~ the pooch xx