Thursday, January 28, 2010

road trip - toronto - jan 2010 pt1

last weekend a couple pooches and i went on a road trip to toronto.  pooch special k had to stop in london first, so pooch LL and i spent the time in a pub called the waltzing weasel.  we were parched so of course ordered some beverages.  she had strongbow cider and i had a snakebite... half guinness and half cider.  awesome combo!

next stop toronto, just a few shots along yonge st.

i like this last one...... and keep in mind that these ads are approx 5-6 stories high.  maybe im exaggerating  but they are really tall!
a bit late, we arrive at our dinner reservation at the berber cafe.  AMAZING traditional  moroccan food.
check it out here

these 4 pics.... the entrance to the berber, then pooch special k and pooch C, then our first round of drinks ( boob shot ) sorry girls, then pooch LL.  that star fruit jabbed in her eye like a ninja death star!

then after some disco dancing, a stop at the irish embassy for a nightcap.  magners cider for me.
check it out here
those last 2 pics were taken the morning after.

and since our hotel was right across the road, we didnt have far to walk.

and, O YA, road trips make me happy.  is that #2 or 3??

more road trip to come
all for now
~pooch morning glory

Friday, January 22, 2010

speaking of roxy music......

i had to have a closer look at these guys!  this is the outside and inside cover of the album "roxy music " ..... and yes, i have it on vinyl..  ive got a link to some info here and a really cool pic on the site







i just think these guys really take the cake !!

i was recently given the opportunity to tell about some things that make me happy.  this is via my new friend luiza and a happy award that she presented to me.

consider this one of those things.  more to come.
~ all for now~ pooch morning glory

Thursday, January 14, 2010

remember when......

ive been digging around in my house... cleaning things and sorting things.  i found an old box of pooch paraphernalia.  i dont actually remember when, but im sure i  had a good time !!

*sigh * bryan ferry.... roxy music is/was one of my top fav bands. 1979 i wonder how old i was.   massey hall is a fairly small venue in toronto.   i am certain that was such a good show ! and check the price !!

this one was at kitchener memorial auditorium.  that is the city where i grew up.  this one doesnt have the date on the stub.  going by the price, my guess is also late 70's.  i saw rush probably half a dozen times.  they were so good live in the early days.... you know, the 10 minute neil peart drum solo......
i found a clip.  its a recent one, but cool.  they always used to say "ladies and gentlemen, the professor on the drum kit"  the drum solo comes about half way thru.....enjoy

  this one was at maple leaf gardens, toronto.  i dont even know if that place is there anymore.  i will have to have a look sometime. ...and, the price was right.

those were the days!

and 1979 again...apparently, that was a good year!

all for now ~ pooch morning glory

Saturday, January 2, 2010

new years eve blue moon...... cheers!

i have recently learned that the blue moon happens on new years eve only once every 19 years.  that seemed like as good a good reason to celebrate as any.   this photo is actually taken on the night before the full moon.  a few pooches and myself went out for a cocktail, and i got the shot.  the wierd part is that it actually looks blue! ...

then on the real night, december 31, it was so cloudy we couldnt see a moon at all.   so pooch special k and i decided to make up our own.... its a blue disco ball ornament off of her christmas tree!

the close up shot got blurry but its still pretty.  in the top shot you can see the tree line shadow in the background.
k had this idea to have a bonfire at the beach for new years.  thats a great plan but its approximately 130 snow-covered steps down with a basket of dry wood and a bag of beverages.

the disco ball ended up falling in the fire after a bit but it was an honourable end i think.

theres our champagne with blue curacao on the snowy log.  that bottle ended up falling off the log but we had 3 more.

i was having technical difficulties taking the at the top, then k

by venetian tradition,  if you wear red panties new years eve, then burn them after midnight, the next year will bring good luck. ( im not sure if its that exactly, but close )   since i need all the luck i can get right now,  we gave it a shot.

thats just cool

its probably hard to get the visual of all this, but after climbing down the beach stairs, the lake is right behind us.  surprisingly, it is frozen quite far out already.  well at least it looked that way in the dark.

~pooch morning glory