Thursday, January 14, 2010

remember when......

ive been digging around in my house... cleaning things and sorting things.  i found an old box of pooch paraphernalia.  i dont actually remember when, but im sure i  had a good time !!

*sigh * bryan ferry.... roxy music is/was one of my top fav bands. 1979 i wonder how old i was.   massey hall is a fairly small venue in toronto.   i am certain that was such a good show ! and check the price !!

this one was at kitchener memorial auditorium.  that is the city where i grew up.  this one doesnt have the date on the stub.  going by the price, my guess is also late 70's.  i saw rush probably half a dozen times.  they were so good live in the early days.... you know, the 10 minute neil peart drum solo......
i found a clip.  its a recent one, but cool.  they always used to say "ladies and gentlemen, the professor on the drum kit"  the drum solo comes about half way thru.....enjoy

  this one was at maple leaf gardens, toronto.  i dont even know if that place is there anymore.  i will have to have a look sometime. ...and, the price was right.

those were the days!

and 1979 again...apparently, that was a good year!

all for now ~ pooch morning glory


  1. Ah, Roxy Music. I'll be singing all morning now.

  2. Oh have actually seen Bryan of myfavourites...Lucky You!!!

  3. Hi Pooch
    I agree, it must of been great to see Bryan Ferry live. In fact I have not been to that many concerts but think I have the ticket stubs floating around.. Little stubbs bring back great memories don't they. I found one the other day , a railway ticket, but it represents so much more to me.... Hope work is ok.. take care xx Julie

  4. Laura -- Thanks for posting this! Ah, Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music. The ultimate "Desert Island Disc" music!!! So happy for you being able to see them. I saw BF as a solo artist when he was stopping through Seattle on his "Bête Noire" tour back in, I don't know, 1988 probably? I was very young but my taste was already in place!
    And since you're such a Bryan fan, then do please check out my blog feature from Jan. 10 -- I think you'd grin. :-)

  5. 1979...i was not born yet but I will try to lookup for the bands and their songs on the net.

    Always a pleasure to know different era music..LOL!

  6. Isn´t it sweet, thinking back ?
    I love doing that, and especially when I find something I saved for years...

    Laura, come and look on my previous post, I left you something there, that may bring you some joy...=)

    Take care!

    Love /

  7. Unique collection!!!

    Brian Ferry ( I was young ...... LOL)

    Have a relaxing weekend :-)

  8. So glad to make you happy!
    You are really worth it.
    You make me so glad, by always visiting me, and leaving sweet comments =).

    Now , all you have to do , is copy the award, and save it as a image.Then you list 10 things that makes you/your life happy and finally , pass it over to 10 other bloggers. Done =).

    I can´t wait to see that post!
    Happy sunday!


  9. Juventud conservados como hermosos recuerdos que vuelven a la.


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