Thursday, January 28, 2010

road trip - toronto - jan 2010 pt1

last weekend a couple pooches and i went on a road trip to toronto.  pooch special k had to stop in london first, so pooch LL and i spent the time in a pub called the waltzing weasel.  we were parched so of course ordered some beverages.  she had strongbow cider and i had a snakebite... half guinness and half cider.  awesome combo!

next stop toronto, just a few shots along yonge st.

i like this last one...... and keep in mind that these ads are approx 5-6 stories high.  maybe im exaggerating  but they are really tall!
a bit late, we arrive at our dinner reservation at the berber cafe.  AMAZING traditional  moroccan food.
check it out here

these 4 pics.... the entrance to the berber, then pooch special k and pooch C, then our first round of drinks ( boob shot ) sorry girls, then pooch LL.  that star fruit jabbed in her eye like a ninja death star!

then after some disco dancing, a stop at the irish embassy for a nightcap.  magners cider for me.
check it out here
those last 2 pics were taken the morning after.

and since our hotel was right across the road, we didnt have far to walk.

and, O YA, road trips make me happy.  is that #2 or 3??

more road trip to come
all for now
~pooch morning glory


  1. ninja death star.. haha
    and I can see why you like that last advertisement!! haha... you should take it home for your wall.. guess you would have to renovate first!

    Well .. My dad drank Guinness.. arrrgghh... perhaps a little too much.. making me shudder.. ha ha.. Looks like you had fun.. xx Julie

  2. You Pooches look like you are having a great time...Snakebite...sounds awesome to me♥x

  3. An Irish Embassy Pub: home from home. Do they sell Tayto's crisps? If not, they're not the real deal. And what wonderful names you all have. I'm thinking Pooch Special K in particular here.

  4. Seems like you had fantastic time.. Good for you :))

  5. Fantastic shots. Nice to see you having a good time.

  6. This trip sounds like a lot of fun! Glad you enjoyed it! :-)

  7. great name for a Pub, not sure I would like the combo drink but who knows.
    Got to watch out for those ninja stars! best to take a big bite and remove the danger.

  8. Laura, that explain much fun trip on your post !!!!!

  9. Seems you had a really great time!!!
    Oh, I love roadtrips!!! I guess that counts as No 2,of things that makes you happy, haha!

    Wonderful post!

    Have a great sunday!
    BTW, I finally added your blog to my sidebar...about time =).

  10. looks fun! and gosh, how I love roadtrips! now m thinking of 4 by 4 roadtrip and adventure...hehe!

  11. Poochy lady make your next trip aplane one and come on over!

  12. Toronto is such a fun city. Looks like you enjoyed your trip!

  13. Looks like a WONDERFUL time :-)
    Enjoy your weekend

    Anya :-)

  14. After going through your posts I'm starting to think that maybe you have a suitcase permanently glued to your right wrist and in that case - we have lots in common!! You're my kinda gal Pooch. Now watch out for those ninja death stars ;-)


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