Thursday, December 9, 2010

cookies and lights

 i went out for a drive with my neighbours to see the christmas lights in north rustico
heres what we saw

 a fishing boat

 thats actually a house back in there

im not sure what i think of this ....

go santa

 and the gingerbread house.  it looks like one
then i baked cookies


 merry christmas !!!

 ~the pooch

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

victoria-by-the-sea / landmark cafe

 a few days after i arrived, it was recommended that i go to this little place called the landmark cafe.
since i didnt know where i was going i just started driving
 but i did get lucky and found it

 this place is awesome.  i got there the last day they are open for the season.  they told me that the day before, the food network had been there filming all day.
 sweet deal.

"Recommended in "Where to Eat in Canada" the Landmark Cafe is located in what used to be Annie Craig’s Grocery Store and Post Office at the centre of the Village of Victoria kitty corner from the Victoria Playhouse."

this is inside the cafe.  the whole place has funky stuff everywhere

i had the seafood chowder

and the cajun scallop stir fry

rocked my world !

all the rest of the shots are from around the village of victoria

this one is on the way home

well, home for now anyway :)

~the pooch xx