Wednesday, December 1, 2010

victoria-by-the-sea / landmark cafe

 a few days after i arrived, it was recommended that i go to this little place called the landmark cafe.
since i didnt know where i was going i just started driving
 but i did get lucky and found it

 this place is awesome.  i got there the last day they are open for the season.  they told me that the day before, the food network had been there filming all day.
 sweet deal.

"Recommended in "Where to Eat in Canada" the Landmark Cafe is located in what used to be Annie Craig’s Grocery Store and Post Office at the centre of the Village of Victoria kitty corner from the Victoria Playhouse."

this is inside the cafe.  the whole place has funky stuff everywhere

i had the seafood chowder

and the cajun scallop stir fry

rocked my world !

all the rest of the shots are from around the village of victoria

this one is on the way home

well, home for now anyway :)

~the pooch xx


  1. what a fabulous little place pooch!! I love your photos too.. especially the last two!!! but they are all interesting!!.. Glad you have a new cute place to hang!!!

    Have a wonderful end of week.. ciao ciao xxx Julie

  2. I love it when landmarks serve lunch! especially food worthy of the food network! I also love chowder and that looks awesome. I think you have moved to a nice area of our country. Quiet and snow free. (so far) I prefer country to city and this country seems wide open. Hope most other things don't close down for the winter though! enjoy! Susan

  3. oh! look at those pictures!
    it's great!!
    have a lovely weekend Pooch!

  4. Wow what an adventure you are on. I envy you. I could use a change right about now...and the silence and tranquility of such a place. Thanks for entering my GIVEAWAY...

  5. What a funky post Pooch!!! Look at that KFC bucket in French...have never had chowder before but I love scallops!!! Dzintra♥x

  6. purple pooch, you surely have a way for getting about! The food looks DIVINE...I know what you mean by 'rocked my world'...sometimes food does that for me too.

    I keep looking for the right word to describe the landscape you've been showing us's so expansive and, what's the word,'s not austere reminds me of Alaska...well, maybe someday I'll come upon the right word to describe it...

  7. The Landmark Cafe' is so quaint and charming! And the seafood chowder looks fab and that Cajun scallop stir fry made my mouth water! Love all of the pics, such a beautiful place! I don't see any snow, so I guess you're still fairly warm? Have a fantastic weekend, cher! Cheers!

  8. I'm loving where you live. That Cajun scallop stir fry would've rocked my world too. xx

  9. Ok - I am coming over to visit!!! you can take me on a good food tour of your fabolous country, and I will fetch a bottle of Vimto for us to drink on the trip!!!


  10. Cute houses you have there. Love the bird composition and as to the food shots, mmmm... yummy! :-)

  11. This Cafe seems to be interesting place. The food looks delicious.

  12. Looks very beautiful and quiet place... The pics are very well taken and give a feel of the place...
    Have a wonderful week:)

  13. Aw, I would love to spend my holiday there, in such quiet peaceful place!
    Have a happy start to the new week, Laura xxx

  14. Very very hungry. Blaming you.

  15. Laura, thank you for the tip, the Confederation Bridge in winter definitely is an amazing view!

  16. My mother was born and raised in a remote fishing town on the Great Lakes. Although Victoria-by-the Sea is ocean, it still has the feel of the town I remember from when I was a little girl. I too LOVE the Landmark Cafe. Lets do lunch there next August.


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