Saturday, February 27, 2010

two romantic comedies / GO CANADA

this entry is still post valentine-y so i thought i best get to it..

this little gem is of course an ice sculpture of inuksuk, presumably to cheer on canadian olympic snowboarding..  pooch special k and i saw it on someones front lawn driving back thru stratford on one of our road trips.

The word inuksuk means "something which acts for or performs the function of a person." 

this is a photo of the table, ticket and program of 2 plays, of which pooch german girl performed in one
pooches are usually multi-talented, and pooch german girl is certainly no exception
there she is .  soooo cute.  just my opinion, but i didnt like the first play.  it was called strawberries in january ( altho i like strawberries any month ) 
the second one, my narrator, was REALLY funny.  big thumbs up to pooch GG.  you rocked it.

another table top pic and two from the window outside the theatre.

this is the theatre . 
i can walk there in under 2 minutes which is cool. 

"Once a horse stable in the heart of Goderich, The Livery Theatre now houses the best in amateur theatre, music and film. Nationally acclaimed as one of the finest in intimate halls for aesthetic and acoustic ambience, and home to one of Canada's longest-running community theatre groups, The Livery is a historic jewel intimately set for the performing arts."

all for now *GO CANADA *
~pooch morning glory

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

post v day pretty

i just wanted to share a few pics of pretty things since they happen to be red, and taken on valentines day.

pooch special k made the cupcakes

the delicious beverage is an italian strawberry liqueur, called fragoli with handpicked wild strawberries
check this site for some cocktail recipes

these next few photos are the gifts that daughter pooch lucy and her dude J brought back from vietnam for me.  above is a little vietnamese coffee maker.  first you put sweetened condensed milk in the glass, then put the coffee in the little thing and pour boiling water in and let it drip thru.... then stir.    its  strong,  sweet and called vietnamese white coffee.

they had this made for me at a silversmith in hanoi.  it is a gratitude symbol.  check out the site for a very cool link to a 2 minute video ( for the symbol not the silversmith :) )

my wallet is also from hanoi

the silk scarf is from lucys bf J and he says its from Lao.
these are multi-layered icicles outside my back window

i think this is #4....

i love

all for now ~pooch morning glory

Saturday, February 6, 2010

toronto - extended version

o, ps, before i start .... #3 of things that make me happy is spending time with my friends.  i value that highly among my very favourites!
so, breakfast was happening at the richtree market.  it is such a cool and fun place to eat.

first you have to walk around and look at all the delicious choices, then decide what you want.

i decided on crepe with egg, cheese, potatoe, mushrooms, and onion inside, with salad

this was pretty, just right behind the table where we sat.

this is a couple shots of where we stayed.... the king edward hotel.  its very fancy actually, and has quite a history.

"Within walking distance of the best shopping and restaurants in the city: Eaton Shopping Centre is close by, as are King Street and the chic Queen West. Visit the pride of Canada, the Hockey Hall of Fame, or the dramatic CN Tower with its glass floor, the Air Canada Centre, and Toronto’s city hall, which carries a sort of chic futuristic vibe about it. The Casa Loma – an imposing castle built in 1914 for a wealthy financier – stands on a hill overlooking the city."

these last few shots are just some buildings along the way, i never did find out what exactly they were,... and of course the CN tower.
the last one is an ad / billboard along our walk to the distillery district.  thats the next post

such a fun day.  thanks friends/pooches!

~pooch morning glory